Smoke On The Water Lighter

Collectible Item


  • Child-resistant
  • Safe and reliable
  • 100% quality inspected Up to 2 times the lights vs the next full size leading brand Every
  • Smoke On The Water lighter undergoes more than 50 separate
  • automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process

Classic Pocket Lighter, Assorted Colors, 1 Count

“Smoke On The Water Classic Lighters are long-lasting and offer a wide selection of vibrant colors, making it easy to express your mood and personal style. Quality and safety are built into every step of the Smoke On The Water lighter production process — each safe and reliable lighter offers up to 2 times the lights (vs. the next leading brand) and is 100% quality inspected.

Our lighters makes it easy to be prepared for any occasion, whether you just need more everyday household supplies or you’re starting an emergency prep kit.

Use as directed on package

Limited Edition

This is a collectors item, Please contact us to order.

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