Los Angeles Record Executive Highlights the Importance of Women in Cannabis

Los Angeles record executive, Maddie Brady, linked up with Camp Green for a Broccoli Nuggets episode to spark conversations on the importance of empowering women in the cannabis industry. During the meeting, Brady shared her personal experiences with cannabis.

“We need more women,” Brady exclaimed. “We need more women in cannabis.”

The July 2019 Gallup poll reported there were approximately 12 percent of American adult smokers. Furthermore, according to the 2017 New Frontier Cannabis Consumer Survey, 61 percent of women support marijuana legalization. 

According to Emery Morrison, Vice President of Marketing, Camp Green is positioning itself to provide its female consumers with more products they can identify with. For example, Hellapaxx and Smoke On The Water offer a monthly subscription box service, known as the Broccoli Box that features a standard box and a Beauty Box, that highlights women inspired cannabis products. 

The Broccoli Beauty Box features a mystery flower, edibles and two to three health and beauty products like tinctures, balms, oils and skincare, along with smoking accessories and swag from featured brands.

“I wanna see glitter, pink, purple, iridescent, pearls, gemstones,” she said. “I want some girly little things that I can (share) with my friends.”



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Brady shared she’s realizing that a lot of women tend to be private about their cannabis use and hide it.

“Women should not feel embarrassed that they smoke,” she said. “Own it. Don’t hide it. More people need to smoke.”

The City of Angels has become world-renowned for its cannabis culture. Can’t be called a marijuana enthusiast without a pilgrimage to explore California’s cannabis culture. And with a plethora of brands, edibles, and dozens upon dozens of cannabis products to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

California customers have the option of same-day or next-day delivery of recreation and medicinal cannabis. Customers can purchase the Broccoli subscription boxes at Hellapaxx Delivery and Smoke on the Water Delivery.

The Broccoli and Beauty Boxes have a retail value of $220, but available for just $120. Camp Green’s subscription boxes are a great bargain for the cannabis connoisseur, but an ideal opportunity for the first time cannabis users. Exploring top shelf cannabis brands is easier and cost efficient.

Camp Green is a cannabis company based out of Oakland, Cali. that delivers throughout the state of California. 


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